About US

About US

Go Custom Boxes is one of the most experienced packaging providers in the US market. We have been serving the market for more than two decades and have many other packaging brands running under our portfolio as well. We specialize in premium quality packaging boxes of all designs, types, styles, and kind. Offering high-quality materials that provide maximum protection for your products, we also deliver accurate printed and box designs making your products accessible in the retail market. Whether you need profit margin enhancing wholesale deals or packaging that makes your products stand out, we will provide you with the most suitable packaging boxes in the US market.

Get Best Quality Materials

Are you someone who appreciates best material quality for your packaging boxes the most? You will find Go Custom boxes the most reliable choice in the US. Sourcing top-quality cardstock materials, we offer the best material quality for all packaging boxes that we deliver. Whether you want plain thin cardboard or the fully protective custom corrugated stocks, you will not be let down with our material quality at all. Processing cardstock materials just right on the state of the art equipment, we make our boxes just right for your custom products. Keeping our products packaged our materials safely will also provide them with a unique look and feel at the same time.

High-Quality Attractive Printing

Do you need attractively printed custom boxes for your retail products? Keeping in mind the highly strong competitive retail market, attractively printed boxes are a must-have feature for all product manufacturers and retailers. Go Custom Boxes is one of the most trusted packaging providers in the US market offering the best printing quality with custom finishes. We have advanced printing equipment that uses the modern offset printing technique. Our delivered packaging has some of the most natural and bright colors with perfect prints in excellent finish options. We offer all kinds of beautiful printing finish options including:

  • Custom metallic foil stamping in gold, silver or any other finishes
  • Beautiful embossing or debossing perfect for any fancy designs
  • Attractive look and feel raised ink printing with bright colors
  • Accurate page with naturally bright and perfect colors

Go Custom Boxes is your one-stop-shop for excellent prints. Whether you need attractive brand logo printing, unique image prints, or any other designs on your boxes, our printing experts and equipment will provide you all that you need. Communicate with us your typical preferences; we will fulfill all your requirements most efficiently.

Affordable Wholesale Prices for Top Quality Packaging

Go Custom Boxes is all about cutting costs and making you benefit from affordable prices for bulk packaging. Our bulk packaging is available at low affordable prices while having no compromises in any quality features at all. Having more than two decades of experience in the industry, we have highly developed business channels that enable us to cut down costs. With minimum expenses, we are also able to offer the lowest wholesale prices for our bulk packaging while also ensuring the highest quality features at all times. You will not find better value for money packaging boxes for any of your custom products. Our prices are affordable, and our packaging is perfect fulfilling all your needs most efficiently.

Fast and Free Shipping with Bulk Purchases

Another feature that stands Go Custom Boxes out from the rest in the market is free doorstep shipping with bulk purchases. When you order more than 100 boxes, we offer free shipping right to your doorstep. Next day shipping is usually the best deal for all our clients anywhere in the US with the highest quality features at the same time. Our fast and free shipping adds more value for money to our already low affordable wholesale prices. For you large businesses, no one in the industry will offer better boxes at lower prices with more attractive bulk purchase add-ons.

Custom Boxes for All Products

Go Custom Boxes is one of the most experienced and skilled packaging providers in the US market. All our vast experience has enabled us to design perfect packaging boxes for all kinds and types of products. We deliver packaging boxes for the fashion industry, grocery products, cosmetic products, food, and beverage industry, perfect gift items, luxury products, and many other retail or shipping products. Our unique line of packaging boxes also includes perfect eco-friendly tables that take care of the environment as much as they take care of our client’s needs and preferences. Have your boxes finished in perfect styles according to your requirements as well? We offer best quality top or bottom closure boxes, fold and assemble type flat-shipped boxes, showcase exhibit perfect display boxes, rectangular-shaped boxes, and also figure pattern boxes. Whichever custom needs you may have, Go Custom Boxes will fulfill with our customized packaging boxes for all products and industries.