Primary Steps to Make Custom Boxes

Primary Steps to Make Custom BoxesPosted On: Jan-20-2022  By: Robert Danny

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The first and foremost step is to cut the cardboard sheet regarding the box size. The necessary part of making a box chooses the cardboard sheet size. Put specific box size in mind and cut accordingly to that size. Pay more attention when you are cutting the cardboard sheet for making a box because if your length and width are not equal the box cannot make properly.

Count the Length and Width

Basically, for making a box length and width is more important. Count the length and wide equally. The exact size of a box is 3*3. Keep in mind that you are making a square box that’s the reason you need equal wide and length of the cardboard sheet. Be careful while cutting the size. You required the piece of 12*9 of the cardboard sheet.

  • Cut the cardboard sheet
  • Count the length and width
  • Make equal pieces of box
  • Join the cardboard pieces
  • Decorate the box
  • Cut the Cardboard Sheet

Make Equal Piece of Box

It is your duty to make an equal piece regarding a box so that your box must be good and elegant. Equal piece means an equal level of the box. The beauty of box represents when it has no defected part.

Join the Cardboard Pieces

The basic need is to build a perfect box with the help of the cardboard sheet so it looks like the box shape. Then join the cardboard sheet with tape and glue. For perfect box structure, hot glue is the best options it can connect the piece for a long time.

Decorate the Box

The compulsory part is to decorate the box. Put your box a charming effect so that the receiver will also happy to receive the box. Put handmade flowers for bringing romantic effect on it. Ribbon and laces bring the elegant effect on the box. Decorating your box means you can put your ideas in a box so it must be decorative.

Material Required

Basically, a box is made-up of the cardboard sheet. Choose the strong cardboard sheet for making a strong box. In the market, you will find easily a lot type of cardboard sheet. You just need the following things while making a custom box.

  • Cardboard sheet
  • Scissor
  • Penciled
  • Scale
  • Tape or glue

Covered the Cardboard Sheet:

It is necessary to cover the cardboard sheet so that you can hide the color of cardboard material. This is the best way to decorate your box. Use a different color of a sheet to cover the cardboard material. Keep in mind the wrapping paper must be greater than the cardboard sheet so that it can easily be covered from all sides.

Why we use Cardboard Material?

Basically, cardboard is the only sheet which is thick from all sides. It depends on you that what cardboard sheet you are using, for making the thick and strong box you can use the double wall cardboard sheet for making the best box. Organize your box in your own style is the best feeling, which realizes only those who are an artist from inside. The box is like a shelter on the gift. Make beautiful and presentable your gift; you must need an elegant box.

So keep your artist come out and make the best box for presenting a gift to others. Don’t you ever imagine that a gift is nothing without the box? So take your time for making a box for your gift which will bring effectiveness in the receiver eyes.

Benefits of Using Cardboard Material

For making a box instead of paper, some of the benefits of cardboard are

  • Strong from all sides
  • Easy to use
  • Effective look
  • Space saving
  • Easily recycle
  • Easy and perfect

By this image, you can see the step by step procedure of making a cardboard box. To make a box easily with cardboard sheet is shown in this image. If you are a new in making a box, you can get helped by following these steps.

Benefits of Boxes

The following are the main benefit of using a cardboard box

  • Protective
  • Structural
  • Cost-effective

Protective: The packaging must be protective when you use the cardboard box. Traveling from long distance this box is beneficial. The cardboard box is used for shipment purpose. Many things can be protected like the electronic things and glass products so it can transfer from one place to other safely.

Structural: From paperboard material, the cardboard sheet is made of. The cardboard material is strong from inside and light in weight. The raw material of cardboard sheet is made from different recycle papers. Basically, it has the ability to put the heavy-weight

Cost Effective: The best thing is that there are many least cardboard boxes are available which can save the money. It is also available at low cost. For shipping purpose, the cardboard box is available at an effective price.

The Corrugated Cardboard Material

Many brands and industrial used the corrugated cardboard box because it is easy to transferable from shipment. Your product will be safe and secure in this box. You cannot pay high labor cost. The best part of this box is that it is easy to recycle. You can use it this box in different ways. A wide range of weight can be carried out by the corrugated box. For transferring products, you just need a corrugated cardboard box. The cardboard boxes are the choice for everyone.

This is the image of corrugated cardboard, by this image you can image the layer of cardboard sheet and see how strong the cardboard sheet is from inside. The layers tell the thick value of cardboard material

How to Decorate a Box

I think the most complicated question is that how to decorate a box? For decorating purpose, you need to think some ideas and creativity. A blank box is easy to decorate regarding the theme. For decorating a box, you need to choose button, spray or paint, different ribbon color or laces for providing a presentable look of the box.

Theme Must Be Important

Now a day in parties and events themes must be important. So keep the certain theme in mind while decorating the box. No theme means you can decorate the box with your own style. Imagine yourself, that you are the receiver and think the receiver choice, so you came to know about the receiver likeness level.

Keep the Receiver Choice in Mind

It is important to decorate a gift regarding the person. Child and adult have different styles and choices. While decorating the gift the interest of a person must keep in mind, so it is easy for you to decorate. It depends on your sense that what color you are choosing for a different person regarding age like for adult and young person.

Regarding Occasion

The gift can be presented on any occasion like birthday party, wedding and many other events. So keep the decorative levels of the box regarding the theme. First and foremost, important thing is that your box must be matched with the receiver personality.

By this image, you can imagine that how to decorate a box with flowers, ribbon, and markers. You can write any name with cute handwriting in the box. So your gift box must look decent and elegant.

Wooden Box

Most people don’t prefer the cardboard material. They think that only wooden have the strong power to keep the box for a lifetime. It’s hard from all side and cannot destroy easily. It is grantee that you will like it if you made the wooden box. Keep in mind that a woodworker can make a wooden box easily, but you may need a lot of practice. More advanced technologies are come to make a wooden box with new style.

Step by step procedure for making a wooden box.

  1. A wooden sheet
  2. The wooden tools
  3. Measure your wooden sheet
  4. Then cut the wooden carefully.
  5. Attach all the piece with glue
  6. Then fix the hinged lid
  7. Fill all holes
  8. Decorate the box

A wooden box can be look like this imagine. It is your choice that what styles, design and color you are pick to decorate a wooden box. Put favorite color or paint the box with your own choice. Making a cardboard box is not a difficult task to do. Making of a box is really a good activity to do. No need of money to spend on the purchasing of a gift box. If you are willing to create a box, you can make it easier. You just need to follow some steps while making a box.

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