Bottom Closure

Folding boxes come in different types to suit the needs of different products. Bottom Closure boxes are a type of folding boxes that offer a structure that is tied at the bottom. Such boxes tend to have a sturdy bottom that holds the product in place, and often the tucks and seals will vary for the box. Go Custom Boxes provides all sorts of Bottom closure boxes, including auto bottom and seal end bottom boxes. You can get these boxes printed and designed according to the needs of your product. Get high-quality boxes at affordable wholesale rates from Go Custom Boxes.

The product packaging industry makes use of some standard sizes and styles of packaging which can be molded according to the demands of the product. Go Custom Boxes offers you many of these styles. You can use these styles as a base structure to build upon your unique product packaging. Bottom Closure Packaging is one such standard style that is offered by our company. These boxes are relatively common in the retail industry. These boxes come with a top-open lid and a very secure bottom. This allows the product to be safely nestled inside. Go Custom Boxes manufactures sturdy boxes that can be customized to suit your branding needs.

Materials –What You Want, How You Want

Go Custom Boxes makes use of high-quality materials to manufacture your Bottom Closure boxes. Not only can the material be customized according to your needs, but you can also choose from a variety of materials. For instance, our standard and customized closure boxes are available in cardstock, box-board, corrugated sheets, kraft sheets, and much more. The material is available in different weights, which can be used according to the demands of the customer. Our boxes are topped off with high-quality finishes, which seal the deal for your product!

Personalize Your Design

The biggest advantage you have when you order from Go Custom Boxes is the full spectrum of customization offered by our company. We allow you to virtually think of any shape, size, or style of your boxes. Our professional design team can help you work out the nuts and bolts of your desired design and tailor it according to your needs. Whether you need specialty Bottom closure boxes or the standard ones, we can fulfill all your needs. We also allow you to personalize your design with special add-ons. Whether you want to go for die-cut windows, special foils or finishes or specific textures, Go Custom Boxes can do it all for you.

Quick Turn Over Time

When you deal with retail businesses, your products need to be put on the shelf in a timely manner. We realize the importance of this. This is why our turn over time is quick and efficient. We believe in the fast delivery of orders while maintaining quality and standard. Whether you place a small order or a large one, Go Custom Boxes will always meet it in a timely fashion.

Wholesale Orders

Another the flexibility offered by Go Custom Boxes is the facility of wholesale orders. You can now order these boxes in bulk for the packaging of your product. Whether you are ordering for products or orders to sell ahead, we cater to your orders in a timely fashion. Go Custom Boxes has also developed fluid work systems that help cut down costs in the manufacturing and distribution of these boxes. This allows you to get these boxes at the best price you can find.

Why Choose Us

Go Custom Boxes gives you packaging with all the perks you can ever need. We provide free shipping, great turn over time, and no extra or hidden charges. When you order through Go Custom Boxes, you get exactly what you see. Our company also offers you extensive design consultancy and help to enable you to get exactly the kind of packaging you want. Get your bottom closure boxes customized from Go Custom Boxes at optimized rates. Our mission is to provide businesses with cost-effective, attractive, and durable packaging that works on the functional level, as well as the marketing level. Leave us a message to get a quote about your orders.