CD Covers

Go Custom Boxes offers you different kinds of covers, ranging from multi-flap CD jackets to CD sleeves, trays and plastic cases. You can get these covers customized. Render them in the colors, patterns or images of your choice or place add-ons such as die cut windows, foiling, embossed details or more. Whether you want to use these covers in your promotional campaigns or marketing, or you want them for your wholesale business, Go Custom Boxes caters to it all.

Though CD covers are needed because of the functional need to keep the CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs safe from dust, scratches and other harm, covers also become a symbol of the identity of the business they are used by. This is why designers put so much thought and effort into designing attractive and functional covers. Go Custom Boxes offers you a wide variety of covers that can be transformed from generic covers into beautiful pieces that stand as your identity. We help you achieve this end with the help of customization and personalization. If you are looking for unique covers for your discs, try out the many options offered by Go Custom Boxes.

Types of CD Covers Available

Go Custom Boxes offers many types of covers. They range from the plastic CD trays to clear CD cover pouches to multiple flap CD jackets. Here is what we offer:

  • Two Panel CD Jackets
  • Four Panel CD Jackets
  • Six Panel CD Jackets
  • Plastic Covers
  • CD Sleeves

All of these covers serve a different need and purpose. This is why we offer such a wide range because we know one type of cover may be suitable for one type of business but not for the other. You can get these covers customized and personalized with the help of Go Custom Boxes.


Go Custom Boxes allows you to get the CD covers made in the material of your choice. Whether you are looking for a paperboard CD case or CD sleeve, or a plastic CD case, we can make it all for you. We allow you to choose from a variety of paper-based and non-paper based materials. Not only can you choose the type of material but also its grade and quality. This enables you to fully customize the experience of your cover.


Go Custom Boxes has a dedicated design team that can help you with the design of these covers. Whether you want to design the kind of flaps, tabs and pockets your CD wallet will have, or you want to have a certain image, pattern or design printed on your CD cover, our designers can help you with it all. All you have to do is get in touch and communicate your vision and needs, and we will help you spin a story. You can also deviate from the standard sizes and styles of CD jackets because Go Custom Boxes allows you to get the covers made in the sizes and shapes you desire.


Go Custom Boxes caters to your orders in a fast and efficient manner. Typically, your order is processed within 4-5 working days and is delivered shortly afterward. We realize the importance of time, this is why we seek to cater to you fast. Go Custom Boxes offers free shipping and delivery on all of its wholesale orders.


Order any type of CD covers in bulk or wholesale quantities and save your costs. Go Custom Boxes prides itself on providing the best and most affordable prices in town. You can place orders for these CD jackets in whatever quantity you desire, whether in a batch of 100 or as large as 500,000 pieces. Go Custom Boxes makes sure the quality is never compromised even if the order is large in number.

Why Choose Us

Apart from the extensive design support offered by Go Custom Boxes, there are also added perks. Such as no hidden charges! This means you get exactly what you see and nothing more. Go Custom Boxes allows you the full spectrum of customization, helping you make it possible to have the kind of CD Jacket you want!