Eco Friendly Boxes

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Business Owners Can Try Green Shipping

Elegant and handy eco-friendly boxes are the most reliable packaging solutions that are used by the product manufacturers and retailers across the globe. They are known for various reasons such as reliability, durability, handiness, and cost-effectiveness. But their feature of being safe for the natural environment is the most significant plus point that makes them stand out among the other types of packaging solutions. These cartons are manufactured with guaranteed 100 percent organic materials that include cardboard stock, corrugated stock, and kraft stock. Depending upon the nature of the products, these cartons can also be made with paper stock as well.

Customizable Packaging Solutions

Customization of the custom eco-friendly boxes is one of the significant features that make them the most reliable and adaptable packaging solutions. They can be customized in various ways. The customization of these containers include; size, shape, printing design, finishing options, and the choice of the manufacturing material. Adoption of these personalization options makes it easier for the product manufacturers and retailers to get the packages of their desired choice. The most amazing thing about these customization is that www.gocustomboxes.com offers them for free. You can adopt as many customization options as you deem necessary for your products that are to be packed in them.

Free Design Support

At www.gocustomboxes.com, being the premium packaging and printing manufacturers, we understand it perfectly well that how much it is necessary to get a flawless design for the packaging of the products. The design of the packages is one of the many vital features that make the product prominent among the other rival items in the retail market. Considering this fact, we offer free of cost eco-friendly boxes design support to our customers. You can get the assistance of our highly talented and committed designers without paying a single penny extra. In this way, you can save not only a handsome amount of money but also the time that you have to spend at an outsourced designer otherwise.

Cost-effective packages

The packaging solutions that we offer to our customers are also popular for their cost-effective nature. Since we manufacture these containers with organic manufacturing materials that are easily recyclable, the production cost of these containers becomes very low. In this way, we could deliver the best packaging solutions to our customers at highly affordable pricing. Not only that, but we also offer various discounts on special occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, etc. You can also save a lot of amount by ordering eco-friendly boxes wholesale quantity. The bigger the order is, the more you will be able to avail of the discounted price.

Free Shipping

Free of cost shipping of eco-friendly boxes are offered on ordering just 100 pieces. Free shipping is available for customers in the United States of America and Canada only. If you want these cartons outside these two countries, you will have to bear standard charges of delivery. The average time of delivery is 8 to 10 business days after the confirmation of the order and its payment.