Metalized Boxes

Benefits of Using Metalized Boxes for Exclusive Products

Different brands have products of different nature, all of the different types of products require packaging boxes that have a different set of features and perform differently under varied conditions. Some products that require the present ability of the highest level and are contained in more fragile outer layers like perfume bottles that are often made of glass or fancy CD or DVD cases that require that extra shine are best served with Metalized Boxes. Many other products can require extra safe Customized Metalized Boxes to keep them safe and also provide them with the extra elegant and shiny luxurious packaging options. Packaging Boxes experts like the Go Custom Boxes not only provide great quality cardboard packaging but also have mastered the technique of producing top quality Custom Metalized Boxes as well.

Metalized Boxes: Make Packaging More Effective

The Metalized Boxes are supposed to provide beautiful looking packaging that is also very safe and secure at the same time. There are different ways and techniques that can be made use of in order to manufacture Custom Metalized Boxes. Depending on the requirement by the brands that might want to make use of these special packaging boxes, they can either be completely made from metal foils or thin metallic (mostly aluminum) foils can be used on top of regular packaging to provide the extra safe outer and the bling and shine to match as well. Go Custom Boxes have an experienced team of skilled people that reach out to our clients in the most efficient way and adhere to all their requirements and needs in order to provide them with the best suited Metalized Boxes solutions possible. We also make sure that the printing on the Custom Metalized Boxes is of the highest quality and matches the shiny finish in the most appropriate way. Our best quality metalized packaging boxes have the ability to:

  • Keep the delicate and fragile products safe
  • Shine the elegant and expensive products even more
  • Highlight the brand and product name and logo in the most elegant way
  • Make the overall packaging look much more appealing to the consumers
  • Make storing and showcasing them on the shelves in retail stores a lot easier

Get Discount at First order of Metalized Boxes

Metalized Boxes can be found rather easily from numerous custom box providers all over the world, but the differentiating factor Go Custom Boxes has in our Custom Metalized Boxes is the highest quality printing and the outstanding finishing polish quoting on top of the boxes that makes them keep their shine and superiority for years to come. We make sure that our fine quality metal boxes are made from:

  • Top quality metallic foil that makes them appear beautiful and present able
  • Highest quality printing to make them appeal more to consumers
  • Soft interior lining that helps keep the products safer

Get Protective and Beautiful Metalized Boxes for Business Products

We realize that different luxury products are manufactured at different sizes, to tend to that particular requirement, we give our clients complete freedom as to choose the size dimensions for their appropriately finished Custom Metalized Boxes. Go Custom Boxes also guarantees the industry-leading price guarantee as well and deliver to our clients fine quality products at very market competitive prices. We achieve this by taking responsibility for all the extra costs like the plate and die charges or even delivery charges; you will only have to pay for what you receive from us. Let us know all your size dimensions, printing style, and safety requirements, we will provide you with solutions that will wow you with the quality of the finished Metalized Boxes and the prices we will ask you to pay for them. Satisfying our client’s needs in the most cost-efficient ways is the top business priority at Go Custom Boxes.