Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Being a responsible business operating under the international code of ethics and various USA legislation, Go Custom Boxes understands their role in the maintenance of all these privacy policies and have put forth some important measures that ensure the implementation of all these policies at all times during the routine operations at GoCustomBoxes.com.

GoCustomBoxes is a trading business where sensitive information may be collected from clients in order to complete orders or purchases, however under the supervision of our strict privacy policy, any and all information we may collect from our clients is under no circumstances passed onto any third-party recipient, any other company, websites or visitors at all. The information you send over to us in good faith is only used inside our website’s operations like customer service, contact information, order processing, and shipping. The trust our clients rest on us is preserved at all times during or after their business transactions. The only instances exceptions can be made are the requirement of that sensitive information by law in any judicial proceeding, court order or a legal process pertaining to business on our website alone.

We have a strict policy against collecting any information from children under the age of 13. We don’t engage with children at all knowingly. In any circumstance where ever during or after the transaction, if we come to know that the person was under the age limit, we take measures to cancel out the transaction.

Collection and Usage of Information

We have numerous areas at our website where information is collected from our clients. At the offset, we would like to declare that all parts of the information that we may collect are both transparent and voluntary by our clients. We hold no declaration as to what information we will collect. Different sections of our website will collect visitor information, which is then maintained in log files containing visitor’s domain name, browser name and version, IP address, time and date of visit, viewed web pages and demographic information in order to make their next visit relevant to what they might be looking for. Provided visitor email addresses are not stored in the log files.

Once the visitor decides to become a client at GoCustomBoxes.com, they are required to provide us with information like their names, phone numbers, email addresses, shipping addresses and other relevant personal information that might be required in the completion of their transaction with us. The next part of the information that may be collected is financial information including their credit card data or bank account details. All this is voluntary information and is required in order to complete the business transaction and some or all of this information will be shared with our trusted third-party partners like banks, credit card companies, and logistic partners. However, we assure you of the safety of your finances along with the whole business transaction with us.

Our users and clients all have the option and liberty to change whatever information they might want to easily. GoCustomBoxes.com does not sell or distribute any user information to any person or third-party companies under no circumstances at all. Some of this information might be used by our marketing and advertisement setup, however, if you are not willing to receive any marketing updates, email us at unsubscribe@GoCustomBoxes.com and we will take your contact information of our marketing programs.

Information Security

We are a well-established business and rate the security of our website and business very highly. We realize the fact that the security of our client’s sensitive information is only as good as the security of our website. To make our website secure and a safe place to purchase your relevant products, we have security systems that ensure threats of all kinds are kept at bay on GoCustomBoxes.com. Our website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption while information is sent or received over Internet transactions (SSL is the highest form of Internet data security available). Even though the implementation of SSL encryption ensures security against threats of many kinds, however, we are aware of the fact and also want our clients to respect the fact that no information is 100% safe. However, in any unfortunate circumstance of information leak from our website, we will do the best that we can in order to keep your information and assets safe and secure.

Passing or Selling the Business to Someone Else

GoCustomBoxes.com does not intend to sell the business or pass the command to someone else now or in the near future. If, however, a situation like this might arise at any point in the future where the company is sold, merged or goes bankrupt, the assets that will be transferred will include part of or all the information collected from our website during various business transactions with our clients or users.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a term used to refer to a program data that is stored on your computer for long periods of time by our website and will help our databases to identify any previous visits by you and provide you with displayed information that is relevant to your personal needs and preferences. GoCustomBoxes uses cookies in the most secure way with the intent of making your future visits relevant and less time to consume for you to look for specific products that you like to purchase from us. You still have the option to remove cookies from your computer by following the instruction in your browser.

External Links

The GoCustomBoxeswebsite may have links from external websites when they are required. We want all our clients to be aware of this and take the added care when opening links for other websites as we cannot and do not guarantee the security policy they might have on their websites. Our privacy policy implies the security and safety solely on our own website.

Having declared all the major points in our Privacy Policy, Go Custom Boxes reminds all our users and clients that we hold the authority to change any points in the privacy policy at any time without notice. All the changes will be updated on the Privacy Policy page, however.

Contact Us

Please contact us via email support@gocustomboxes.com or by calling +1-773-945-5230.