Term And Services

Term And Services

All the GoCustomBoxes.com users and clients are requested to read and follow all our terms and services in order to guarantee smooth transactions of business and general daily routines while on our website.

Go Custom Boxes solely owns all the printed materials created while manufacturing client content and we under no circumstances sell any of this material or give it to any other parties. The company reserves the right to distribute all client printed material as samples for our business enhancement purposes.

General Code of Conduct for Users

We would like to inform all our users and clients that they submit, upload, post or transmit content to or via our website on their own consent and there is no obligation to them from our side to do so. Our clients that all the content they send to us for use in their products is not taken from any copyright content and does not belong to any third party at all. If the content is obtained from any other party, the client or user has attained it through proper channels of agreement between them and that party. All out clients also agree that they will not send, transmit, distribute or post any content that is unlawful, indecent or restricts other users in any way to use our website.

GoCustomBoxes.com website cannot guarantee the integrity or decency of any content posted on our website by other users, and therefore will not be liable to any client for any content that they might find offensive, obtrusive or indecent. GoCustomBoxes.com has the right but is not necessarily required to remove or edit any reported content that might be offensive to anyone in any way. We reserve the right to disclose the content upon requirement in any law or case at the court regarding any:

  • Compliance with legal processes
  • Enforcement of terms of service
  • Required response adhering to claims about the content violating third party rights
  • Protect our website’s rights, property or personal safety of any member or user or the website itself

It is our client’s or user’s responsibility to provide accurate and precise information regarding their orders, our website in no way is meant to be or promotes to be accessed by automatic robots. Fraudulent access will be prosecuted at the hands of the law.

We want all our clients to acknowledge the fact that by placing orders at our website, they guarantee their own minimum legal age requirement and also the fact that they have the authority vested in them from their company or business to process the order and that they authorize GoCustomBoxes.com to produce the requested products on their behalf.

We would like to inform you about the safety and security requirements while using our website, protect your password and login information by yourself and do not let anyone access it at any time. Our clients are the only people responsible for their orders at GoCustomBoxes.com. Our clients will be held responsible for any misuse of their accounts and any false ordering from our website in case of misuse of their login information.

Certain areas and tabs of our website require our clients to proceed with creating logins and passwords containing their personal or business information, all our clients should acknowledge that they provide all their personal or business information at their own consent. Furthermore, our clients should acknowledge that while collecting and using information from you, we have the right to handle it according to the policies explained in our Privacy Policy. They agree to have read the Privacy Policy and passing information onto us keeping in mind the policies mentioned on it.

Ownership and Copyright of Our Content

All our clients are informed that all our website content including any information, data in text or graphical form, software, images, illustrations, designs, icons, maps or any other material that is displayed on our website are the sole property of GoCustomBoxes.com and the third-party provider we are under contract with. Copying, modifying, storing, republishing or distributing our website content in any shape or form is strictly prohibited at all times and will be prosecuted against.

Return and Refund Policy

We are mainly printing and manufacturing business and require notice of a need for a return or refund within 3 business days of receiving your order at GoCustomBoxes.com in case you find the delivered items not according to the description you sent or defective in any form. Please read the following points in order to make a return or refund claim:

  • We cannot and will not refund in the shape of credit for any defective products or products that are not according to the description, however, we will reprint or re-manufacture them if we are found to be at fault.

  • com management will do the inspection and verification of the defect or the printing or product not being according to the description passed onto us. We reserve the right to checking the products to ourselves.

  • To proceed with the reprint, it is your responsibility to submit digital pictures illustrating the product faulty areas at your own expense, the full delivered quantity of the products you received from us within 7 business days of the original delivery.

Order Placement, Payment, and Cancellations

  • All prices of all our products are displayed in US Dollars ($). Payment is processed in Dollars as well for all orders.

  • The printing nature of our products requires us and we will start printing your requested products only once the full payment is received and cleared via one of the mentioned and approved payment methods.

  • Once the order is placed we have a policy of getting our clients to approve the proof that can be in both electronic files or hard copy, which is the very first print or manufacture of their product and acts as a live sample. The order will be sent to the printing or manufacturing process only once the proof is approved. We ask our clients to check the quality of the proof thoroughly and check for any missed details, bleed, or general lack of color or quality with the printing. Once they approve the proof, they will be responsible for the loss of quality if it was present in the proof at the time we sent the proof to them.

  • Once the approved proof is sent for printing or manufacture, no further changes are allowed in job specifications, artwork files or the printing time of the job itself.

  • A the limited time of 4 hours is allowed for the client to cancel the order, however, a fee of $25 and 5% of the total order amount will be deducted upon cancellation.

  • Depending on the status of the printing or manufacturing your products, you have the option to cancel the order beyond the 24-hour time of approving the proof, however, 50%, of the total order amount will be deducted to cover for the work done in the 24 hours and other financial costs associated with cancellation.

  • There is no guarantee of a successful cancellation beyond the 24-hour time limit, however.

Design Orders

Any design services by GoCustomBoxes.com including the designing of any graphical or textual patterns from our software engineers are not liable to refunds or credits by the company. All design orders once placed are completely non-refundable and final.

Sales Tax Policy

All the orders at GoCustomBoxes.com are subjected to pay the tax as long as they are from within the state of London. If however any of our clients are tax-exempt, they are required to provide their tax exemption certificate at the time of placement of an order on our website.

Policy for Artwork or Content Submitted by Customers

To get the best printing results, we ask all our customers to submit artwork or content that is in at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution and in CMYK format. GoCustomBoxes.com will not be responsible for blurred, distorted or Pixilated images with changes in color if the file or artwork submitted is not in the mentioned format because converting to CMYK can reduce the quality of the image.

Our clients are only partly responsible for submitting accurate print-ready artwork or content and also the alignment or orientation of the pages. We will take adequate care of their content and artwork, but we are in no way responsible for any loss or damage of submission. Additionally, by submitting artwork or content to our website, our clients hold the full responsibility of either developing it themselves or obtaining rights to upload it prior to the upload.

In any case, where the GoCustomBoxes.com might think that the submitted content or artwork is either illegal or is an infringement on any third party rights other than our client, we reserve the right to cancel the order at any point of the transaction. Our client however in the case of order completion with illegal or infringed content or artwork, will be solely responsible for the consequences of using that material for their works.

Errors and Liabilities

We would like to inform our clients about the possible loss of quality from the submitted artwork or content to the actual printed and finished product because of a possible difference in the electronic screens the content or artwork was being viewed on and the surface of the printable materials and how the exact color gets adapted on the surface. GoCustomBoxes.com will not be liable for errors and final product quality imposed by any of the factors below:

  • Grammar errors or misspelling

  • Punctuation of text

  • Damaged fonts graphic bleeds

  • Missing incorrect or wrong folds of finished material

  • Crop marks of any type on the image or printed material

  • Die lines

  • Transparency of the content or artwork

  • Cracks on folds

  • Overprint

  • Finished product size

Under Runs or Overruns

In almost every case we ensure that we deliver the exact amount and number of finished products ordered at the time of order placement. However, we are also responsible for the following:

  • We generally deliver a small amount or number over the ordered figure (overrun), which is however free of cost and no extra cost is required to be paid for it.

  • In the case of an under run (delivering the amount or number described during order placement), we will only charge for the actual number or amount delivered.

  • On general guidelines, we do however follow the plus or minus 5% of the ordered number or amount at the time of order placement.

Shipment Durations and Delivery of Orders

Go Custom Boxes will only start producing your ordered products once we receive the approved copy of the proof (which is based on the artwork or content sent by the clients) we send our clients and full payment of the order is cleared by one of the approved payment methods. The option to select the production speed and the additional charges for faster production speed demand is mentioned on our website. Clients will have to choose the best suiting option and we will work on the basis of that choice. The approval of the proof, however, has to reach us before 10 AM CT (Central Standard Time) for the production to start that particular day.

We will clear the order based on the decided dates however our clients agree not to hold us responsible for delays that we don’t directly control such as; bad weather, delays by the shipment company, customs issues for international clients or any other similar problems. In the case of a technical delay, GoCustomBoxes.com will refund the expedited charges, however, orders cannot be canceled out the cause by the delay in printing at all.

Our clients are responsible for paying customs duties on all goods shipped to their desired locations, they are also required to make arrangements to clear their goods from customs for shipments to their own doorsteps.

The standard delivery time for ONE LOCATION PER ORDER within the USA with no quantity or weight limit is 10 to 12 working days, 6 to 8 working days for expedited shipping including the 2 to 3 working days for ground shipping. Additional shipment destinations will be charged accordingly. GoCustomBoxes.com is not to be held responsible for any delays in shipment due to transit times, loss, damage, or theft of printed products during delivery. Loss or damage product claims are subject to be filed within 6 working days of the shipment date.

In the case of wrong delivery addresses provided by the clients or a mistake made during filling out shipment address on our order forms, we will charge an additional amount for re-shipment.

Changes in Terms and Conditions and Our Website

GoCustomBoxes com reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time at their own discretion, all the changes will become part of the updated terms and services however and will appear on this section of the website. The changes will be effective immediately after being posted on the website, no prior notice has to be given to clients by our company.

Please contact us via email support@gocustomboxes.com or by calling +1-773-945-5230.