Product Packaging Meaning, Levels, Functions, and Importance

Product Packaging Meaning, Levels, Functions, and ImportancePosted On: Jan-20-2022  By: Jordan

product packaging

Everything that comes into existence needs protection, a cover, and a shield to seclude it from the hampering conditions that surround each one of us in a different way. For living bodies, like humans, that shield can be their clothes, covers, houses, and abodes. For nonliving things and especially retail products, that shield is their packaging. Product packaging is an elementary necessity that cannot be skipped without dire consequences. It undertakes a huge job in the advertising achievement or disappointment of numerous items, particularly for fragile customer items. Packaging is your product's first interaction with the customer. Obviously, a customer cannot take out all the products from their packaging and decide which one to buy. An effective and informative packaging plays a key role at that time by providing as much firsthand information about the product it holds within to the customer so that they are able to decide quickly and wisely.

Packaging is imperative to products on many levels. From protection to storage to transportation, packaging plays a mandatory role in all three of them and then comes the most crucial level of performance where packaging plays the role of the product's advertiser. There are numerous examples in the market where the packaging has become an identifier for a certain brand or product. Product packaging is not restrained to what it looks like from the exterior level. It has many facets, levels, and progressions. Primarily there is the immediate packaging of a product which can be called the face of the product. This packaging is what comes off initially when a product is ready to be consumed. Then comes in the secondary packaging which is of most importance when fragile items are involved. This packaging at times is supposed to be engaged with the product unless the consumer is absolutely ready to use the product it is encasing. These two levels of packaging are in direct contact with the product that they hold and represent. However, there is a third level of packaging that is also involved in a product's transit from its manufacturing plant to the retail market shelf. That packaging is the one which is used during transportation. Transportation packaging is required to be a lot sturdier, tougher and durable than the primary and secondary packaging of a product. It has to be well equipped to coop with the unexpected turmoil that a transportation ordeal may hold.

Environmental changes have affected each and everything around us in a drastic manner. Things have changed, thoughts have changed and general perceptions about things have also changed. Products that used to be sold without any exterior coverings in the past without any objections are considered unhygienic these days. The choice and variation between two or three key brands have expanded into hundreds and thousands of various brands and billions of similar products with slight or no variety but a different brand. A product considered stale or useless within days in previous times can be stored for a month or more with the use of modern world preservatives. What has helped mankind primarily in keeping up with all these diversified developments is the revolutionary advancement in the packaging world. Product packaging is the key element when it comes to storing pasteurized milk, food items, and medicines that require to be preserved in a specific sort of environment and covering around it until it is consumed. Whether we believe it or not a product's packaging does become its silent brand ambassador as well thus resolving the problem of choice among variety.

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